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Sonu Nigam was amazing!

Thank you Kash Patel! Seeing Sonu Nigam was a dream come true. I loved the smoke that shot out of the stage…amazing! See you next show.

Jaya Kapoor


I just got my tickets to Neha in Nashville! I’m so excited!!! Thank you Kash Patel Productions!!

Saanvi Varma

Welcome to Nashville!

Our Nashville community welcomes Kash Patel Productions with open arms! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bollywood music in Tennessee and beyond. Thank you Kash Patel!!!

Mandeep Singh

Neha in Nashville!

This is crazy! Kash bhai thank you!
Finally Big Bollywood stars for my city!

Prakash Khani

Growing Our Culture

Bollywood is alive in Nashville! Thank you Kash Patel for your service and productions. Our Tennessee community is thrilled to grow and embrace this movement of yours with open arms!

Thanaa Khan

Nashville is ready!

We are very excited to welcome Kash Patel and his amazing Kash Patel Productions shows to Nashville! We asked and we received. Thank you so much!

Maira Reddy

Sonu Nigam in June!

Kash thank you so much! Can’t wait for the show in June. I already got our tickets for my daughters and me. You made it super easy and this show is going to be spectacular as always! Kash is a star!

Vihaan Ghai


The last show was crazy! I can’t wait for Sony Nigam! Thank you Kash bhai!

Deeksha Marak

Amazing Feeling

What an amazing performance by Badshah! The crowd was wild and amazing! My daughter had a great time and she loved Aastha Gill. Thank you so much Kash Patel!

Nilana Singh


It takes courage and good risk management to do what KASH is doing. He is delivering a quality Bollywood product to a most appreciative south Florida audience.
The shows are optimum Bollywood entertainment at very affordable price. The venue is ideally suited for the shows. Congratulations to KASH for an excellent 2018. Many more success in 2019. Keep up the good work.

Alli Majeed

When is the next show?

I’ve been going to Kash Patel shows since the very beginning and haven’t missed a single one! I should get a lifetime fan discount! Haaaa!

Jayesh Ghai

We enjoy your concert

Thank you for giving us great seats

Usha Patel


Sunidhi was the best I’ve seen! Thank you Kash Patel!! Seats were amazing!

Erica Folly


Badshah was amazing! Best concert of my life!

Rakesh Khan

I had a great time

I can’t believe how much fun I had at the Broward Center. I hope to go to another Kash Patel event soon!

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